We won! Thank you for your support. Every time you talked to your friends about me, donated money or volunteered your time, you put me one step closer to winning this race. We have a tough battle ahead, both locally and nationally, and I'm ready to take on the fight for our kid's education.

I will be spending the next four years focused on making sure our schools have the best educators and the best facilities in the Bay Area. As a school district, we are changed with the important work of unlocking the potential of every student we serve. As a graduate of SFUSD, this district and our community partners helped me achieve my potential. I want to ensure that happens for all students in our city. I am honored to be your Commissioner on the Board of Education and I look forward to working together to improve our schools.

Please contribute to my Victory Fund to pay down the $3200 debt I incurred during the campaign. You can contribute here.


You can stay in touch with me via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the handle @StevonCook. If you prefer email, please reach out at stevoncook@sfusd.edu.

In Community,

Commissioner Cook