San Francisco Bay Guardian:

"It's important for the school board to hear from the voices of families, and Stevon Cook is exactly that. A third-generation San Franciscan and resident of the Bayview, Cook has the perspective of a large segment of SFUSD students."

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit our 2014 campaign website. I hope that you will get to learn a bit more about me and the reasons why I have decided to run for the Board of Education.  My background as a graduate of San Francisco’s public schools and having dedicated my professional career to helping students in the San Francisco Unified School District achieve their goals, make me uniquely qualified to serve on the Board of Education. As a Commissioner I will bring my vast experience in the SFUSD to the School Board in a manner that will inform the most pressing policy decisions and the needs of our community.

The response to my candidacy and the issues we plan to address has been overwhelming. We are building a ground swell of support around our ideas to approach the future of public schools and ensure this precious institution is equipping our students to meet the needs of a 21st century economy, while also remaining preserved for generations to come.

We are a grassroots campaign, being fueled by the passion, ideas and hard work of people that deeply believe in education. We hope that you’ll join our cause by signing up to volunteer, hosting a house party or contributing.

In Community,

Stevon Cook