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Nine candidates compete for three seats on SFUSD Board of Education

San Francisco Examiner, October 19, 2014
Written by Laura Dudnick
"Amid ongoing contract negotiations between SFUSD and UESF, which potentially could lead to a strike, union leaders have favored candidate Cook, a senior coordinator with the San Francisco Education Fund [...]"

Endorsements 2014

San Francisco Bay Guardian, October 7, 2014
Written by Guardian Staff Writers

It's important for the school board to hear from the voices of families, and Stevon Cook is exactly that. A third-generation San Franciscan and resident of the Bayview, Cook has the perspective of a large segment of SFUSD students. This may be his first run for office, but Cook has shown his political acumen by racking up key endorsements, including Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, United Educators of San Francisco, and the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club. Importantly, Cook identifies teacher retention as a key part of his first term. The SFUSD often loses many qualified teachers in their first five years on the job, and the city's housing crisis has only exacerbated this problem. Cook also aims to bolster support for restorative practices, a program that replaces suspensions with constructive dialogue. For his policy choices and his character, he has our strong support.

“The Unlikely Candidate” – Stevon Cook ’08

25,000 Sunrises blog, September 18, 2014
Written by Nick Fogel

"Part of Cook’s success is rooted in his initial failures. 'For me, it was easy to feel beat down because I wasn't the top of the class… But through that experience, it was instilled in me that I could take on big projects and be ok with failure and still bounce back.'"

Politics on Tuesday

48hills blog, September 2, 2014
Written by Tim Redmond

"There will be at least one newcomer on the board – Kim-Shree Maufas has decided not to seek re-election. [...] Maufas is strongly supporting Stevon Cook."

November Election Preview

San Francisco Bay Times, August 21, 2014
Written by Rafael Mandelman

"The race for School Board, where three seats are up this fall, is drawing some strong contenders. I have been very impressed with Stevon Cook, a native San Franciscan who attended public schools here before earning admission to Williams College and now works as coordinator of the Post-Secondary Success Program at the San Francisco Education Fund. Stevon has shown himself to be a tireless campaigner and an impressive fundraiser."

The Promise of Brown Not Yet Fulfilled

PolicyMatters Journal, March 21, 2014
Written by Stevon Cook

"This work is the next iteration of Brown, where we integrate San Francisco’s unique resources with a deep understanding of the community context in which our schools operate. There is no greater effort worthy of pursuing. When we get it right in San Francisco we will realize the promise of quality education for all carried within the Brown v. Board of Education decision for an entire generation of young people."

Talking Education With Stevon Cook

Huffington Post, March 4, 2014
Written by David Vognar

"Stevon's personal story of educational achievement--including graduating from Williams College in 2007--is one of inspired perseverance. The lessons he drew from his journey also inform what he views as the educational process and how administrative systems impact students."

Changing Cultures, Realizing Dreams: A “Ground-Up” Approach to Supporting College Enrollment and Success

OMG Center for Collaborative Learning, July, 29, 2013
Written by Wendy Sedlak

"When I consider how high schools can promote college as a viable opportunity for African American and Latino youth from under-served communities, I think of Angel Hardy, Aysis Santana, Gelane Pratts and their peers in the “Bloomsburg 10,” a group of recent graduates from the Kensington High School for Creative and Performing Arts, in Philadelphia.  These students, some of whom will be the first in their families to enroll in college, will attend Bloomsburg University this fall. I also think of Stevon Cook, a Williams College graduate and alumnus of Thurgood Marshall High School in San Francisco."

Why So Low

During Stevon's first year working at Thurgood Marshall, students from Peer Resources created a video in partnership with BAYCAT to discuss the significant drop in graduation rates of African American students. Along with educators and students, Stevon is featured in the video discussing the challenges of urban poverty.

Coleman's Solutions not Suspensions:

In this new documentary from Coleman Advocates(, director Kevin Epps ( takes a look at the negative effects of harsh zero tolerance policies in schools and one community's inspiring response. Highlighting Coleman's landmark student-led Solutions Not Suspensions campaign in San Francisco and examining how young people are directly affected by school discipline policies, the film serves as an informative and inspiring education tool. Stevon is featured in the documentary speaking to the importance of restorative practices in schools.

Point of Pride: The People's View of Bayview/Hunter's Point:

The People's View of Bayview/Hunter's Point, a documentary film about the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood. Point of Pride combines archival footage from the 1950's 60's and 70's with present-day viewpoints and reactions to these images from the past to create a compelling portrait of a community marked by struggle and fueled by hope. Along with historic community leaders like Bela Davis, Stevon is featured in the film discussing what Bayview/Hunters point meant for his family.