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On Thursday January 5th 2017, I was sworn in as Commissioner of the Board of Education for the San Francisco Unified School District. It was a proud moment for my family, friends and all the longtime educators that have committed their career to serve our community. As a graduate of San Francisco public schools, a current education professional,  along with a failed attempt at running in 2014, being sworn in was an important culmination for me.

Much of my life has been about overcoming setbacks. I imagine there are more that await me in the years to come, but nights like Thursday we deposit in the bank of evidence that when we have the courage to pursue our passions we can achieve them.

I’d like to acknowledge the other candidates that ran in the past election cycle. I reached out to many of them to sit down after the election to congratulate them on their effort. I know what it’s like to put yourself out there, take time away from your family and that result in a lose. My initial defeat was actually one of the best things that ever happened to me.

We live in a city that continues to face many challenges and if there are opportunities for us to partner I welcome it.

Top Items from the Week:

Russian hacking the election:


I read the US Intelligence Report on Russians Hacking the Election. Much of the findings speak to efforts to undermine the credibility of Hillary Clinton through their reporting and social media. That evidence isn’t as compelling because you can argue Fox News has been doing that for decades. However, the evidence about hacking emails and compromising the devices we use at the state and local level to count votes is beyond alarming. More than anything, the latter would indicate the outcome was fraudulent and Hillary Clinton should actually be President of the United States.

A charge that serious from the top three intelligence agencies completely compromises the outcome of the election and warrants a response to Russia that is just and swift. Thus far 35 Russian diplomats have been expelled from the country, but that’s not at all sufficient for essentially attacking the entire power structure of the US government.

I’m not well versed in these matters, but here are my top questions:

  • Does this in fact mean that Hillary Clinton should be President of the United States?
  • Is the foreign manipulation of an American election an act of war?
  • What are the series of responses, diplomatic, cyber and military to ensure this doesn’t happen again?
  • The implications of rescinding the outcome would likely cause further unrest which could have several detrimental outcomes to the stability of our country. Then again, that is possible with Trump at the helm as well.


The Internets: Great Content I found via Podcast, Youtube & Netflix.


This past week I recently discovered a number of podcast that I’ve enjoyed. At the top of my list is the President’s Inbox by the Council of Foreign Relations. They’re putting together a weekly show post on foreign and domestic issues facing President Donald J. Trump. I’ve heard really thoughtful insight about Trade, Immigration, Russia, Cyber Security and a host of other challenges.

Other great episodes, I caught came from How I Built This where I heard the story of Vice Co-Founder Suroosh Ali  and Instagram Co-founders Mike Krieger & Kevin Systrom.

During the Christmas break, I watched the entire series of Cannabis, Noble and Colony. Really entertaining shows. I was really intrigued by the description for the documentary, but it didn’t pass the 15 minute test. So I had to put it down. Great intent by the message though.

Now That’s Dope:


Lit Motors

The title won me over immediately because  “Lit” is a word often used by the young people I work with to express excitement or favor about a thing or situation. The founder, Daniel Kim, has a story that resonated with me.

The technology of the vehicle is intriguing, but more so the aspiration to run a startup car company. Breaking into this industry is incredibly expensive and difficult to do. Most many mass produced products, car manufacturing is global and incredibly difficult for a small company to break into.

I couldn’t actually see myself owning the vehicle, but I want to see this company succeed.