Going For Broke

“The very thing you're scared of, is the very thing that gives you an opportunity to make a difference.” -Seth Godin

We are approaching month six of “Cook on Monday Morning.” We are on a journey together. The destination of our journey is taking shape as we proceed. At the core of these blog entries, my only intent is to inform and inspire. These stories are about flawed men and women trying to find the best in themselves. For me, that search for improvement is the essence of hope.

In the coming weeks, the journey we’re taking will require that I share more vulnerable parts of my story. I will be protecting the names of the people involved so as not to bring them any unwanted attention or embarrassment. In some cases, these people saved my life, but they didn’t do it for the attention and wouldn’t appreciate being mentioned.

In addition, over the coming weeks I’m going to be asking you to help build “Cook on Monday Morning.” We are starting to produce audio and video content to add to the writing I’ve been doing. We have been inspired by productions like Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” and Vice Media. We will use elements of those inspirations in the direction we’re taking for our future work.

Finally, I leave for Kenya in 21 days. I will be staying in the Kilimani district of Nairobi. I still have some things to figure out about my agenda. My work at the Board of Education and Mission Bit has proved to make trip planning difficult. I’m still open to recommendations if you haven’t shared yours already.

Book Recommendations: Leaders Eat Last, Contagious

Music Recommendation: Slauson Boys

Stevon Cook