In Support of Making College More Accessible to SFUSD Students

Resolution №185–22A1

Second Reading

Commissioners Stevon Cook and Mark Sanchez

Whereas: The San Francisco Unified School District has made great strides to prepare students for college and career through a growing relationship with CCSF; and

Whereas: The San Francisco Board of Education changed the graduation requirements to align high school graduation requirements with CSU and UC entry requirements to make college more accessible for students across San Francisco; and

Whereas: Research shows that dual enrollment participation is positively correlated with a number of college outcomes, including enrollment and persistence, greater credit accumulation and higher College GPA; and

Whereas: SFUSD and CCSF have worked together to increase the amount of participation in Dual Enrollment classes going from a total of 486 students in 2015 to 827 students in 2017; and

Whereas: The City of San Francisco in November of 2016 passed a commercial tax to make City College free for all San Francisco residents as a way to open up opportunities for learning and access to the course; and

  • and want to promote the incredible learning opportunities at CCSF at a young age and increase utilization of CCSF

  • CCSF made it free for san francisco residents to attend community college

  • District believing in college and career opportunities for all students

  • black and brown students that take dual enrollment are more likely to attend college

Whereas: According to a recent article America has a $1.3 trillion debt crisis, with the average student loan debt being around $37,000 for the class of 2016. Given these staggering statistics, it becomes more pressing to give our students as much time as possible to have access to free college courses before leaving high school; and

Whereas: School districts such as San Diego have implemented programs that expanded community college courses to high school students which had many successful outcomes, including high school students completing associate degrees before graduating from high school; and

Whereas: To support families looking to further expand student knowledge, support academic freedom and family choices, parents and guardians should have access to more independence to expose students to courses that don’t exist in our high schools; and

Whereas: In order to achieve our goals of vision 2025 of creating global citizens and making the city the classroom, access to dual enrollment to more students allows students to greatly expand their learning.

Therefore Be It Resolved: SFUSD and CCSF shall discontinue the 120 credit requirement for dual enrollment participation and allow access to any SFUSD high school student starting at 9th grade. They shall also discontinue a principal signature and allow the consent of parents and guardians being the only requirement for participation; and

Therefore Be It Resolved: SFUSD and CCSF shall work together to open up more classes for dual enrollment: including advanced math and science, career apprenticeship courses and language courses like Arabic, Vietnamese and Japanese which are not readily available at the high school level; and

Therefore Be It Further Resolved: SFUSD and CCSF shall develop a regional strategy in partnership where regional CCSF campuses and SFUSD high schools can work together to share learning opportunities with existing sites.

Stevon Cook